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Concept of aesthetic phenomenalism

by Artemis Artist Assotiation

       Trying to find the Perfection
All the natural phenomena in life of the Nature are in multitude of embodiments, and every of them is scanty and defective. By themselves, these embodiments "can be beautiful, but can not be perfect" (Hegel).
They are not able to satisfy exacting cognitive principle of Human, which strive in search for Perfection from one to another embodiments of natural phenomena. At the best, this endeavour lead to get the collection of natural phenomena embodiments, but no more that …
Eventually, Human starts to understand that he can't see them simultaneously as a whole by natural way.
Human can do this only artificially, but exactly in this way the Art arises.

       Morphology of the Art
To see any natural phenomenon as a whole in artificial way, an Artist has to imagin all of natural phenomenon embodiments simultaneously, and do dynamization with them by own fantasy force, Goethe belived.
At the first stage of the process of dynamization the Artist not needs for presence of all mental images of natural phenomenon embodiments, the number of them that he already has, is enough. The rest of them appear themselves on the screen of artist's mind and complete the number of mental images by fill free spaces in their line, during the process of dynamization.
As a result of the process, the Artist perceives mental images of all embodiments of natural phenomenon simultaneously, and "he sees by own mind, the idea, which creates the natural phenomenon"(Goethe).
Then the Artist only has to keep the idea "into the head" (Abelard) in holistic dynamical-stabile form.

       Holiday for the Nature
And this ideal form of the natural phenomenon works as a model for the Artist. Realistic portrayal of this ideal form is superior phenomenon, or aesthetic phenomenon, which never could to appear in life of the Nature without the Artist.
Thus, in the creation of aesthetic phenomenon, the Artist managed to implement a "innermost intention of the Nature"(Goethe). And this implementation is holiday for the Nature.
But for the Artist and any spectator this holistic ideal image of natural phenomenon becomes to potential of transformation and healing for own "brains and contents"(St. Paul).
For Human and Nature, the aesthetic phenomenon acts as acquittal in front of the God and eternity.

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"The existence of the world is justified only as an aesthetic phenomenon"

Friedrich Nietzsche
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