Artemis Artist Association

       Artemis Association was established in 2008 on the basis of mutual understanding and common interests of member artists:

1. Goethe ideas of specificity Human and Nature correlation and fine Art significance in the making of Human and Nature.

2. Peter Abelard method of notions formalization.

3. Goethe's "Theory of Colours" and based on it art progress of outstanding followers of him - Vasily Kandinsky, Margarita Woloschin and Gerhard Wagner.

Artists of "Artemis" strive in their art works to realization of the intentions of Nature in an aesthetically significant phenomena.
It defines a direction of their artwork as "Aesthetic phenomenalism".

"Artemis" - is a mature creative team of professional artists, for which there are no unsolvable problems and impossibilities in the field of fine art.

Artemis - современная живопись, продажа картин, картины на заказ
Group of painters

Artists Association"
Russia, Saint-Petersburg             
"The existence of the world is justified only as an aesthetic phenomenon"

Friedrich Nietzsche
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