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"The existence of the world is justified only as an aesthetic phenomenon"

Friedrich Nietzsche
Russia, Saint-Petersburg             
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Still life
Let us present to you some aspects of our creative work.

Here You can find the Concept of aesthetic phenomenalism, created by us. It based on realistic incarnation of natural phenomena' ideas. The concept determines new style in Fine Art development and our part in it.

In virtual gallery are placed pictures of our painting in different genres:
Landscape (cityscape, countryside landscape, park landscape, wild scenery), portrait, still life, animalistic and abstract.

You can easy buy painting you like or order a copy of painting if it isn't available at the moment.

If You want to buy painting for decorate interior or to do a gift and have difficulty in choice we'll help to find optimal option in connection with subject, colouring, size and price.

We do painting for order. You may determine theme, colour, composition and size of painting through filling in special form. We'll paint your imagination in oil on canvas or by other medium of your own choice.

Also we're ready to consider your collaboration offers.